SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (GOOD THINGS UTAH) — Tara Spalding, Interim CEO of Kinect Capital, and Morgan Williams, Founder and CEO of Blendyd Studios, are joining forces to address a pressing issue: despite women-founded startups outperforming their male counterparts in terms of return on investment, female entrepreneurs still face significant funding disparities.

Women-owned businesses constitute 36% of all enterprises, yet they receive only 2.4% of venture funding and 28% of approved SBA loans. Recognizing the power of funding for business growth, Kinect Capital’s WeROC Conference has become an essential event for female CEOs and founders. The 2023 cohort consists of 16 talented women, 13 of whom are from Utah-based companies spanning various industries. These entrepreneurs are set to pitch their business ideas to potential capital providers during the conference, scheduled for September 5-6 in Salt Lake City.

With over 50 speakers and a focus on education, connection, and empowerment, the event aims to catalyze change in Utah’s entrepreneurship landscape. All women entrepreneurs, investors, and supporters are invited to join the movement.

To learn more and register, visit and use code ABC4WEROC for a 20% discount on tickets.