Program and Marketing Manager of Ella Rises, Alicia Olsen, joins us today to discuss why Ella Rises was created and the important message behind it. Olsen said it was formed to empower Latina youth with hope, confidence, and purpose through workshops that focus on personal growth and cultural heritage.

They facilitate in-person and virtual workshops to show young girls all the different opportunities there are in the world. They target Latina youths ages 11-18 since there tend to be high rates of drop-out and pregnancy so they’re hoping to prevent that and get to them before it happens. Olsen said a lot of participants aren’t aware of their interests and passions in certain activities until they try them with their workshops. Some of the workshops they offer are focused on art, mental health, entrepreneurship, and steam. They’re even free to make it accessible for everyone.

Ella Rises was even chosen to create a mural at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts and they got to incorporate their participant’s ideas into the mural by adding some of their quotes around the sun. Olsen said the main theme discovered was human connections so they worked to include that.

Enrollment for Ella Rises is open from the beginning of summer to the end of August so while enrollment is currently closed, you can join the waitlist on their website. For those looking to help out, they also accept donations and volunteers which are always needed. To get more information, visit their Instagram and Facebook!