Here to tackle a challenge many women face, Kelsie Jepsen hopes to equip viewers with the tools to feel confident in pictures. 

The truth is many people are unhappy with how they look in pictures because the image doesn’t measure up to their idea of what they hope to look like. Unfortunately, this makes it so people avoid being in pictures. A photo captures a memory, and Jepsen pleads with viewers to not erase themselves from their lives. 

She shares that taking pictures is a 4-step process: Planning, Prepping, Doing, Reviewing. First, try taking pictures by yourself, so you can go through the emotions. She also says to prep in a way that makes you feel your best. Get up and get ready and wear something that makes you feel confident. When you are in the moment of taking photos, be present in the moment and don’t look at the photos. Review the photos at a later date and you will be more satisfied with the pictures. 

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