Finding the best home decor can be a challenge when you’re on a budget. Furniture Refinisher and Interior Decorator, Angela Short came to Good Things Utah to talk about the best hacks to elevate your fixtures. Short, an expert thrifter, has the best ways to get those Pottery Barn style fixtures for a fraction of the price without breaking the bank. With just a little elbow grease and plaster, you can transform old vases into festive and eye-catching designs. Thrifting is a great way to get creative, save money and is even a way to reduce your carbon footprint and save the planet. You can take an inexpensive fixture and make it look like a $350 furnishing from Pottery Barn.

Short frequents garage sales and finds vases, lamps and pitchers and says the key is to not worry about the outside aesthetic as much as the shape. Short starts with a vase that costs her a few dollars and sprays it with primer. She then suggests using Plaster of Paris to give it an Earthenware look. Don’t be shy with the application, use an ample amount and provide good texture. “You’re gonna put it on thick. When you mix your Plaster of Paris, make it look like mud. That’s how you know it’s in good shape and then you can just brush it right on with the $1 brush.” said Short. Plaster of Paris is available in most craft stores and comes off with ease on surfaces. The application takes no more than 10 minutes and the results are well worth it. Your creation will be ready for sanding if you want to buff out the imperfections. Short and ABC4’s Janeen Golightly appreciate the imperfections and choose to keep them on for a “handmade” look. For an even more rustic and earthy look, you can add mud from your garden and spackle to  your vase and then top with a varnish. You can use these methods on your existing decor which is a great way to upcycle. 

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