SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (GOOD THINGS UTAH) — As the back-to-school season approaches, Trish Brimhall offers practical insights to help families enhance their nutrition game.

Collaborative planning involving the entire family is key, ensuring meals cater to preferences and schedules. Finding a balance between practicality and taste for breakfast and lunch is crucial; whether preparing meals in advance or constructing them on the spot, incorporating textures and flavors that resonate with family members is emphasized. Notably, the brain, comprising just 2% of body mass, consumes 20% of daily energy and thrives on carbohydrates. Brimhall’s guideline of including whole-grain fiber, protein, and produce in breakfasts and lunches fosters balanced and sustaining nutrition.

To combat school lunch burnout, Brimhall suggests a blend of fun and flexibility. While creative lunches are appealing, the focus shouldn’t overshadow practicality. Novelty should be introduced gradually, intertwining new elements with familiar favorites to prevent overwhelming palates. Remaining adaptable and engaging children’s input as the school year progresses helps maintain the nutritional foundation of fiber, protein, and produce, while allowing room for evolving tastes.

Trish Brimhall’s approach empowers families to embark on the new academic year with a thoughtful and sustainable nutrition strategy, creating a healthier and more nourished path forward. For more information visit