Kerrie Taylor of Kerrie Capelli Hair came to visit us at Dixie Tech. Originally hailing from UK and having ample success in both Britain and Europe, Taylor has made a name here in Southern Utah. Taylor wanted to find a way to get those stunning salon locks for those who have thinning hair or are experiencing hair loss. All of Taylor’s hair pieces are made from 100% human European hair.

Taylor’s pieces differ from wigs or mainstream extensions as they are meshed with existing hair of the wearer. Taylor also appeared along side Jess Smart, a master educator who is bringing the brand to St. George and in the US. Having been a hairdresser and experiencing hair loss herself, Smart knew this was something she needed and wanted to share with others experiencing hair loss. “I was trying to find something to offer [my clients] as well as myself and I found this amazing woman,” said Smart. “It has completely converted my business into something that has changed so many women’s lives.” The pieces bring back confidence to those who wear it. The KC Mesh warehouse is located in Washington County, Utah.

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Instagram: @kerriecapelliusa