SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (Good Things Utah) – Many Homeowners may not realize they would benefit from a window replacement project. So often, windows are viewed as ‘doing their job’ if they “look” intact and the glass isn’t broken. However, the integrity of a window is more than just glass. And its job is more than just an opening on the wall to view the outdoors.

A window’s “job” is to protect your home from the outside elements; and keep your inside temperatures stable, without constant energy use.

Doug Saar, General Manager EcoView Windows and Doors of Utah, visited Good Things Utah to tell us all about upgrading your windows this winter.

When an EcoView Project Consultant visits your home, they work around your schedule, even offering appointments on Saturdays and during various timeframes. They are experts in their field and are passionate about helping you “Fall in Love with Your Home Again.” During the consultation, they thoroughly inspect your windows and doors, assessing their functionality, maintenance, curb appeal, and energy efficiency. They design solutions that offer a real return on your investment.

The most exciting part? They can demonstrate the actual transfer of heat through your current windows, showing you how much energy is being lost. With EcoView, you’ll not only gain knowledge about your windows but also experience improved comfort, enhanced curb appeal, and significant financial savings. So don’t let your inefficient windows drain your hard-earned money – schedule an appointment with EcoView and enjoy a special promotion with no interest and no payments until 2025. Start saving and embrace the coming holidays in a more energy-efficient and comfortable home.

How to determine whether I need a window replacement?

There are definite inconsistencies you can look for when determining if you need to consider window replacement.

  • Go and sit by your window, can you feel a temperature difference when you are near the opening?
  • Take a look at the glass in the morning; are you seeing condensation or ice build up?
  • Look in the tracks; are there insects that have creeped though the seal?

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