ECOLUXE ‘Best Holiday Gifts’ Must-Haves

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We are showcasing some great gifts for this holiday season with promo codes that will save you money, sent to us by our producer friend, Debbie Durkin, in Los Angeles! Debbie couldn’t attend today because she’s helping Santa gather gifts for all the nice people on his list which is huge this year.

Here are ECOLUXE’s “Best Holiday Gifts” must-haves:

BioVer-X K-Lab Luxury Collection

BioVer-X K-Lab Luxury Collection is a MUST-HAVE for the Holiday Season! Founded by 2 sisters-in-law, 1 a biochemist and the other specializes in natural ingredient skin care. Together, they combine science with nature in a way that is disrupting the skin care market based on our breakthrough BioVer-X patent-pending serum that reduces the appearance of wrinkles, acne scars and stretch marks as good as harsh lasers, injections and fillers.

The BioVer-X ingredient was discovered at the University of New Mexico through a decade of research. It is similar to resveratrol, an ingredient used in high-end cosmetics, but works 10X better. Our website is the only place to purchase our Patent-Pending BioVer-X Serum.

PROMO CODE: “holidaysale” for $50.00 OFF the BioVer-X K-Lab Luxury Collection. Visit

Quick Ship Items at Blankets By Brian

Quick ships items are custom made items that Blankets by Brian personally make during the warmer months of the year to help with the Holiday Order Load. When you order these items, they are guaranteed to ship out in 24 hours or less. They are ready to ship plush, super-soft minky/faux fur blankets, wraps, and travel blankets.

PROMO CODE: “freescarf” for 25% off entire order + free scarf and free shipping.

Ginja9 Holiday Gift Set and Chocolate Cup Packs

A Portuguese Tradition now available in the U.S. Ginja9. Ginja is a popular liqueur in Portugal that embraces history and divine taste. This sustainable and Artisan handmade process dates back to the Portuguese monks of the XVII century in which sour cherries, also known as ‘morello cherries’ are infused in alcohol for 12 months.

PROMO CODE: “ABC10” for 10% OFF at website – Promo code is valid for these 2 products only.

ReGen De Peau, The Gift That Keeps On Glowing

Created by Oli Scarlato, a scientific skin care research specialist by trade, and philanthropist to critical burn patients, her revolutionizing skin care technology, her cutting-edge, simplistic skin care products have a remarkable and clinically tested ability to resurface and renew the skin. Recent Research and Development breakthroughs include.

Manufacturing and producing the fastest enzymes, combined with the power of peptides, penetrating nutrients and minerals that go deeper than any other product known in skin care.

Finding ingredients and developing new products that are proven to optimize the energy of skin cell renewal evenly for laser skin care procedures. The cooling properties of this gel cream formula are enormous for pain relief and post procedure rapid healing.

PROMO CODE: “Oli25” for 25% OFF – Visit

Alchemy Leather Goods

Artisan fine leather bags handmade in California by Mom-of-Three Jenny Poyer from design, to sewing, to shipping, and marketing. She sources her materials from USA suppliers.

The bag in the segment retails for $98.00, but each bag is different! 15% of her December sales will be donated to a local nonprofit.

PROMO CODE: “GOODTHINGS” for 10% OFF regular priced bags –

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