Ecofriendly candles from a local artist

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Freshen your space with a natural scent! Olivia Greene came on set to share about her small business, Liv Greene Candles.

Liv Greene is not only her name but is also a message to live “as green” as you can. Containerless candles are a great way to enjoy a pleasing scent with wax that doesn’t hurt your lungs or the atmosphere. 

Greene started making candles in college with the goal of re-using and re-purposing glass jars, cups, etc. She learned how harmful many candles are to the environment and our health, so she started researching natural wax and scents. During the pandemic, she decided to use her downtime to make candles and has since found a new passion. 

Liv Greene candles are custom-made and can be personalized based on customers’ styles. She offers a variety of colors, shapes, and scents. Greene is not from Utah but has fallen in love with the beautiful state. Many of her candles are inspired by earth tones in Utah including terracotta and sage that reflect Southern Utah’s colors.

Greene demonstrated how she creates her handmade candles using her own silicone molds. She is offering viewers 15% off for all first-time customers in 2022. Use the code “newyear15” and enjoy unique candles of your own! 

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