Today’s craft segment is brought to you by Surae. She is sharing three easy Valentine’s Day crafts you can do with your kids at home.

The first is a heart-shaped bird feeder. All you will need is a pipe cleaner, cheerios, and a string for hanging. Start by putting the fruit loops on the pipe cleaner and then making it into the shape you hope to display. Hang it by a string and display it in your home.

The next one is a butterfly clothespin. Everything is edible and fun for the kids to make. Use the candy butterflies to decorate the clothespin and decorate with washi tape and googly eyes. Then you can make Valentine’s bags with M&M’s or another favorite candy. Make your butterfly wings by twisting the bag in the center, evenly distributing the candy on each side, then clipping it with the clothespin. Finish it off with googly eyes and pipe cleaners for the antennae.

Last, is a heart garland made out of colored paper. Alternate colors for a beautiful decoration.