Easy Valentine Wood Craft

Good Things Utah

Paula demonstrates an easy Valentine’s wood craft.

  • Wood kit: includes wood and vinyl lettering
  • Several small pieces of paper to decorate the four different sides (16 pieces at 1 ¼” square). Think Valentines, Easter, Christmas, and Everyday…
  • Paint or stain
  • Paint brush
  • Mod Podge or similar glue
  • Glue pen, fine-tip
  1. Paint or stain the wood blocks. Let dry.
  2. While drying: Select and cut your paper. You will need 16 squares sized 1 ¼” square for each “season” or side of blocks.
  3. When the paint is dry use the mod podge and glue the paper onto the squares.
  4. Apply the vinyl letters.
  5. Add additional stickers or embellishments that you’d like … Let your creativity go wild!
  6. Optional: Once decorated, apply an even layer of mod podge over all sides. We recommend this step, especially if you have little ones that will be “holding” your project. 
  7. Enjoy your project throughout the seasons!! 
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