Easy kitty wreath you can do with your kids

Good Things Utah

For this DIY segment, we invited our guest performer, Josh Kelley to come make a kitty wreath to show just how easy it really is. Josh is a family man and so Surae said this was a project he could go home and do with his kids.

Surae explained that you can get all the materials for this wreath from Michaels or any craft store. She starts with a foam wreath and a feather boa. Using a hot glue gun, you can glue the boa to the foam. For the whiskers, all you need are pipe cleaners and white beads. Design them however you want and hot glue them to your wreath. The ears can be made with felt or even just paper connected to toothpicks. Assemble all the parts together and you have a super easy kitty wreath for Halloween.

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