SALT LAKE CITY, UT – November is here! The holidays are in full swing, and this is the perfect time to remember to be grateful for the small things in life. This is what Ganel Lyn Condie came in to tell us all about. Gratitude means taking time to remember the good things that have happened to you, people that show up for you, but it can also be used as celebration for the small, little moments of everyday life. Having this grateful mindset will make you happy to be living the life you have and compare yourself less to others. Since November is all about being grateful, she gives a quick activity that you can do at night before you fall asleep that will remind you of the unexpected thing to be grateful for.  

Before you go to sleep try thinking of things that you normally wouldn’t say you’re grateful for, for example: 

  • Say THANK YOU for moving your body before you start exercising. 
  • Say THANK YOU to your postal delivery person for delivering your mail. 
  • THANK YOU for the warm bed and pillow you are sleeping with. 
  • THANK YOU for finding a parking spot. 
  • THANK YOU for your computer. 
  • Say THANK YOU for hot water. 

The benefits if you’re grateful for the small things according to Eckhart Tolle is the “foundation for all abundance.” Try this game every night for 30 days and see if you can see a difference in your attitude towards life.  

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