Destini Madsen and Samantha Brannon join the show from Set The Stage to talk about fall decorations and how to optimize your porch decor. 

With a few staple pieces that can be used for the fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving season. Madsen and Brannon show their decoration staples: simple brown-leather pillows, pumpkins decorations, a layweable doormat, and a simple brown themed wreath. To upgrade the porch decor to Halloween, some knicknacks such as plastic spiders to add to the wreath, skull pillows and decorations, a spooky door mat, and a simple sign turn a festive fall porch into one perfect for the scary season. 

Thanksgiving decorations are easy too. From the staple pieces, add a simple sign that says, “gather,” or something along the lines of Thanksgiving to create a cute, easy Thanksgiving look.