Looking for a way to get into the Halloween spirit with your kids. Evelyn Wood, from Utah Arts Collective Preschool is here to show a very cute and easy craft perfect for preschool age kids. Also, she tells us about the preschool programs offered at Utah Arts Collective. 

Doing crafts with kids can be hard sometimes but the biggest tip she can give is keep it simple. There’s no need to over think things with complicated crafts. Some materials used in this craft are small paper plates, double sided tape, 1-inch googlely eyes, cotton balls, wooden clothes pins, children’s washable craft paint, and paper. First, put paper down and tape on a shaped paper pattern. Then get paint out and use the wooden pins and cotton balls to dot around the patterns. When the paper is looking all colorful remove the pattern and put googlely eyes on where the pattern was. It will be adorable for the fridge and so fun for your kids to do, especially as it gets colder outside. To have your kids get taught by this wonderful lady and come home with a ton of crafts check out the preschool’s website and get your kids signed up. 

Website: www.utartscollective.com/preschool 

Instagram: @UACPreschool