Easily irritated with those you’re quarantined with? Let’s fix it!

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Relationship coach Kim Duncan of Three Key Elements joined us today to take on the subject of what to do when we find ourselves annoyed with those we’re quarantined with. Close quarter can cause arguments, and tension causes us to either explode or implode, both having negative effects on those around us. We either take it out on our loved ones, or we shut them out. So how can we create healthy connection during this time?

Physical touch. Hug your loved ones. Hold them close. Massage their neck. Talk. Express, rather than stuff your emotions. This also means we need to be god listeners, and allow others to express themselves.

When you see your kids becoming stressed and uptight, check in with yourself. Are you also stressed and uptight? Your children could be picking up on and reflecting that. Pick your battles. Express love!

If you’re looking for more relationship coaching, Kim and her husband are offering their “Royalty and Romance Online Relationship Coaching” class online from April 30th to May 2. To register, visit www.3KE.to/GTU

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