Drop the what-ifs’ from past romantic relationships that didn’t work out, so you can be present with what is right in front of you. The what-ifs’ keep you in the past and an unknown future. The what ifs’ make it incredibly difficult to be present in your current romantic relationship and/or contributes to the lack of being in a healthy romantic relationship. LaVonne Wells Sandberg, the Spiritual Teacher, came by to discuss how to move on from those thoughts.

  1. Acknowledge and embrace lessons learned from your past relationships and implement new healthy guidelines for yourself.
  2. Be willing to forgive and release what has happened from past relationships and start seeing new possibilities.
  3. Trust your intuition; not all what ifs’ are negative.
  4. Stay present to the what-ifs that produce doubt, anxiety, fear, and worry within you. If necessary, repeat step 1.

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