PARK CITY, Utah- (Good Things Utah) April 7 marks World Health Day! To commemorate the date, we figured we’d talk about the biggest TikTok health trends from cellular health expert Dr. Daniel Pompa, DC. Dr. Pompa shares his thoughts on some of the latest online crazes.

Trend #1: Drinking Alkaline Water (for better overall health & to balance the gut)
While initially it may sound like it is good for you, Dr. Pompa says this can have long term effects that are not positive. Many people think it is bad to be acidic which may have a sliver of truth, but our bodies have a built-in system to take care of that. If consumed regularly, it can permanently alter your body’s natural chemistry.

Trend #2: Drinking Potato Juice – (to cure strep throat)

The buzz around potato juice is that it will cure your strep throat. While there is nothing adherently wrong with it, there also is no real benefit to it. It may [make you] say ‘Oh, I feel a little better afterwards’ because it coats the throat, if that’s the case, knock yourself out,” said Dr. Pompa. “However, It’s not a cure for strep throat. ” Instead of trying to swallow the juice of a potato, Pompa suggests taking the right vitamins and eating the right foods in order to build up our immune system to prevent sickness.

Trend #3: Drinking Instant Coffee + Lemon Juice (For weight loss)
It seems everyone has an answer for weight loss and a magical item that will make you smaller. This is combo is completely false and certainly will not make you smaller or weigh less. There may be some initial 10-pound weight loss that occurs, but this will not be a long-term weight loss. There is no scientific evidence that this boosts the metabolism or causes someone to lose weight. In short, if you like lemon juice or coffee, feel free to drink it but do not expect any results.

Trend #4: Dry Brushing – (to detoxify skin and promote lymph flow and drainage)

Believe it or not, this trend is a winner in Dr. Pompa’s book! “This one has some legitimacy here,” said Pompa. “This one can actually help.” Congested lymphs are a big problem. Once lymphs back up, they become more toxic. Dry brushing unclogs pores and helps to detoxify the skin by increasing blood circulation.