Salt Lake City, UT — (Good Things Utah) — An overheard conversation leads to a TikTok video with 1.5 million views! Dr. Daniel Pompa came into the studio today to discuss the popular food items that may be in your children’s diet and the healthier alternatives you could be switching to. 

After Dr. Pompa overheard a family trying to decide on what meal to order for their child at a restaurant, he made a TikTok discussing some of the health issues that come in regards to ingredients involved in popular food items for children. Here are a few of the items we talked about on the show today and what you can try to substitute. 

Chicken Fingers

  • Why It’s Bad: Cooked in tons of unhealthy batter, fried in bad oil, and contains low-quality chicken.
  • Try Instead: Cook them at home with an almond flour breading and avocado oil.

Breakfast Cereals

  • Why It’s Bad: Way too much sugar, even the zero or low-sugar labeled ones.
  • Try Instead: Simple oatmeal.

“Healthy” Breakfast Bars

  • Why It’s Bad: Contains a multitude of processed ingredients.
  • Try Instead: Look for certain ingredients within bars and the lack of others.


  • Why It’s Bad: The contents act as a sugar bomb with only a small amount of electrolytes. Adds strain on your cells and can create hormone resistance within your body.
  • Try Instead: Looking for electrolyte drinks that are safer or add a pinch of salt into your drinks for that electrolyte boost. 

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