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Dr. David Amron, founder and medical director of the Roxbury Institute and its world-renowned Advanced Lipedema Treatment Program (ALT), has an international reputation as being “The Grandfather” of lipedema surgery in the United States. 

With offices now in Salt Lake City and Los Angeles, California, the Roxbury Institute is the leading center in the country for diagnosis, surgery, decongestive therapy, and nutritional guidance related to lipedema. Dr. Amron and The Roxbury Institute are at the forefront of clinical research, education, and awareness of lipedema.

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Dr. Amron’s book will be available November 1, 2023 – Liposculpture and Lipedema Surgery: A Guide for the Patient and Pearls for the Surgeon. You can pre-order a copy now on Amazon 

Discover the transformative world of liposculpture and lipedema surgery in this heartfelt and informative book by Dr. Amron. With more than 30 years of experience and 12,000 successful surgeries, including 7,000 for lipedema, Dr. Amron shares his philosophy of personalized care, mastery through nuance, and empowerment through education. At the heart of this comprehensive book is Dr. Amron’s philosophy— a balanced approach tailored to both patients and surgeons. Patients will learn how to make confident, well-informed decisions about their treatment options while fostering collaborative relationships with skilled physicians. At the same time, surgeons can absorb the wisdom of Dr. Amron’s exceptional standards and artistry to achieve natural surgical results that embrace the true essence of each patient.

About Dr. David Amron:

  • Board-Certified Dermatologic Surgeon
  • World-Renown Lipedema Specialist
  • Founder and Medical Director of The Roxbury Institute

Dr. David Amron, a leading board-certified dermatologic surgeon, specializes in lipedema, liposculpture, and revision liposuction surgery. With a wealth of experience gained from performing over 12,000 liposuction surgeries throughout his 30-year career, Dr. Amron has developed breakthrough lipedema treatments. His Advanced Lipedema Treatment program is now peer-adopted and medically acclaimed worldwide as a highly effective and refined approach to lipedema care. Click here to learn more about Dr. Amron.

With the new Salt Lake City office, Dr. Amron is excited to conveniently provide services to patients in Utah, as well as in surrounding states such as Idaho, Colorado, Nevada, Wyoming, and Texas.

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