Downeast announced that they are now a certified B Corporation, but what does that mean? The special certification means the company has undergone a rigorous third-party evaluation by the non-profit B Lab and met their high standards for social and environmental performance.

Downeast is one of only seven companies in Utah to pass this certification, including Malouf™, the parent company of Downeast. Other companies in Utah to strive for B Corporation status include recognizable brands like Patagonia, Ben & Jerry’s, Warby Parkers, and Utah company Cotopaxi.

Certified B Corporations®, or B Corps, are internationally-certified businesses working to redefine what success looks like—spoiler alert: it’s about so much more than just making money. The Certified B Corporation®community of businesses is driving a movement to create a balance between people, planet, and profit in a way that benefits everyone. Downeast is choosing to make a making a difference. With this certification, Downeast is working to improve benefits and policies that make a meaningful difference to their employees and communities. Such changes include:

  • Increased entry-level base wage
  • Paid 80% of health care insurance premiums
  • Introduced employee wellness program
  • Paid holidays and time off for all full-time employees
  • Paid charity time off for community volunteer opportunities
  • Paid caregiver leave following birth or adoption
  • Strengthened policy supporting mothers in the workplace

Improvements in how the business operates and how it treats its employees are one thing, but with the certification, Downeast is also making a huge commitment to the environment. Downeast is joining the bigger cause of helping to shift global culture away from the damaging, disposable consumer lifestyle of the past toward a responsible and sustainable way forward.

Downeast Home is transitioning toward sustainable fabrics on select upholstered furniture pieces and they are currently in the testing period of development. By July of 2021 their goal is to significantly pivot from fast fashion toward sustainable apparel. The result? An 80 percent increase in clothing and accessories with a purpose.

To find out more about Downeast as a Certified B Corporation® visit Downeast now.

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