October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month. Madisen Clark and her five year old daughter, Londynn, joined us on set to talk more about Down Syndrome. The mother and daughter donned a matching Mommy and Me dress set. Clark shared her experience being a mother of a child with Down Syndrome.

Just like any parent, Clark loves and cherishes her daughter. “She really is so special just like every other child,” said Clark. “She has taught me to live life to the fullest.” Clark says her daughter is a happy child and enjoys life. Clark believes honesty is the best policy when educating her daughter’s peers. Clark has shared with children information on Down Syndrome.

Clark has also built a community online with other parents who have children with Down Syndrome as well as others who have enjoyed learning more about Clark and her daughter. “I think the coolest part [with] being on social media we have been able to have people who have followed us before having a child with Down Syndrome,” said Clark. “I think that has been the coolest thing.” The Clark family has built a connection with people all over.

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