The Columbus Community Center and the Network Autism Center are local disabilities opportunity centers hosting an online, three day art auction, starting on July 27th. We spoke with Monica Owen about the upcoming event today on Good Things Utah.

The Columbus Community Center and the Network Autism Center help with employment and housing opportunities, as well as daytime activities for those with disabilities for 50 years. With autism on the rise in Utah, the community is in need of these services. The auction is titled Art From The Heart. “We wanted to show people that our clients don’t just have disabilities, but they have plenty of abilities.” states Owen. This year’s theme is “See me, see my ability.” They encourage all forms of art to be submitted. The majority of the art is from clients of the center or those with disabilities from the community. They are also encouraging local, more seasoned artists to get involved by donating their art pieces. All proceeds go into funding the autism program and other services they provide. 

Owen speaks about her passion around the event and loves that she gets to be involved with the clients. “You can’t help but love them and be passionate about this kind of work,” states Owen. The exciting part of the event takes place on July 29th with a reception for the artwork where you can go and meet the artists in person.
For more information about the event or how you can get involved, visit