Does Nicea really drive a Honda?

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The answer is big YES. Nicea is actually on her second CRV, after driving an Accord. It’s perfect for most Utahns that have an active lifestyle. She has two kids, a golden doodle, goes to Costco, has to carpool, drives in the snow…the CRV is just the right size.

The technology that has been integrated has made the vehicle more safe, fun and easier to drive.

The economic benefits are outstanding as well. When other manufacturer’s try to design a car with a great gas mileage capabilities, Honda is the standard.

Customers are shocked when they find out a third of all Honda’s sold are CRVs. Nicea is not alone in her love for it. Incredible incentives are available right now with loyalty programs. If you currently own one, you can qualify for an extra incentive above the usual offers. If you own a competitor manufacturer, there are even more incentives to get you into a Honda.

Come to any of the Utah Honda Dealers stores where they are taking great precautions to keep everyone safe. Online buying programs are also available where you don’t have to interact with anyone if you aren’t comfortable.

Go to for more information.

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