Do you have ‘zoom dysmorphia’? The new phenomenon turning up in doctor’s offices

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  • On the second hour of GTU this morning – It’s an interesting question for parents: Will spending more time or money lead to healthier kids? Researchers looked at government policies across 20 nations to learn what made health disparities disappear for children with working parents. We have the startling results of the study.
  • Plus, one dad connects with his daughter through notes in her lunch box and says it’s made all the difference. He shares just how easy it is to follow his lead!
  • And thanks to the pandemic and the decrease in social interaction it’s caused over the last year, video calls and virtual meetings are now a normal part of everyday life for employees working from home. Convenient as it is to phone in to nearly every special occasion from weddings to happy hours to work meetings these days, new reports have shown that the heavy increase in screen time has contributed to a new phenomenon called “Zoom dysmorphia” – and it may be another reason behind the reported spike in plastic-surgery procedures months ago. We’ll tell you why the phenomenon has doctors worried.
  • At the end of the show, fashion for 2021. Baggy is back! Skinny jeans may be a thing of the past as comfort is key this year. Levi’s just unveiled it’s most popular style. And throw some high heels on with those jeans? Pants may be getting comfier, but shoes are getting taller. Ali tells us why. Hope you join us for the second hour of GTU!

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