Fall is finally here! Time to start decking those halls. With spooky season down the corner, it’s not too soon to start transitioning your summer decor to fall. Miranda Webster of Shebuilder.com has the best tips on sprucing up your home this season that you can even make yourself. These ceramic pumpkins make for a fun and festive activity as well as help make your home more cozy for autumn. They are also easy, accessible and cost efficient.

To make them, all you need are are some Nylon stockings, Instant concrete, and rubber bands. Nylon stockings are available at many big box stores for less than $2 and the concrete is available at hardware stores. An 80 pound bag is less than $10.

Grab the stockings and cut from the bottom, You should be able to make multiple pumpkins with one stocking. Mix the concrete in with water until it has a “chunky sand” consistency. When ready, stuff the concrete inside the stocking and tie a knot, form the contents into a pumpkin shape and wrap rubber bands to create grooves to give the appearance of pumpkin lines. Webster recommends using at least two rubber bands.

After they have been left out overnight, you can remove the rubber bands and nylons, which Webster calls “therapeutic.” Have patience as it may take sometime. And now your pumpkin is ready to paint! Optional items are moss and stems to add texture and depth to your pumpkin. Webster says she has “foraged” these items herself. These pumpkins are a must have through Thanksgiving!

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