Today on GTU we had a special guest join us all the way from Wyoming. Tanisha Day, owner of Chic Day Wood, makes handmade home decor items and DIY kits.

Three years ago Day started making custom shirts and vinyl signs and it has since grown into what it is today. Chic Day Wood is your local shop to get handmade wooden products and fun DIY projects. She also hosts classes and paint parties. At the end of the summer, she hopes to have opened a storefront for all the fun.

She showcased the following products:

  1. Her grandfathers handwriting made into a sign
  2. Utah Mountain Scene (great for Airbnb’s )19×24
  3. Mountain scene with sunset, lake, and moss mountains. 37×17
  4. Coffee Gnomes
  5. Round Tiered tray with kits
  6. Ladder style tiered tray
  7. Engraved Cutting Board with Family Recipe
  8. Blanket Ladder
  9. Seasonal Greenery
  10. Wagon Sets
  11. State Sign
  12. Easter Tags
  13. Welcome-ish
  14. State Ornaments – great for missionaries
  15. Truck sign with interchangeable inserts
  16. Mountain scene with road leading up to mountains 18×24

Chic Day Wood is offering GTU viewers 20% off website items and her Etsy shop. The sale will last through January 31st.

Business website:
Etsy: ChicDayWood
Instagram: @Chic Day Wood
Facebook: @Chic Day Wood