We love when Elaine Alfano joins us in the kitchen so much, we had to branch her out into the studio! You should see her yard, she’s gone all out for Halloween, and we just had to learn how she did it. She shows and tells us how to create your own spooky Halloween heads to wow your neighborhood!

Elaine says styrofoam heads work well, and are easily found at Walmart, thrift shops, KSL, and Facebook marketplace. Mannequin heads can be found at a wig shop. If you asked for slightly damaged heads, you’ll get them for next to nothing. 

Next, you’ll use cheesecloth for freaky fabric, old used make up, a glue gun, or crazy glue.

Simply select a head

Put glue over sections of the face

Take cheese cloth and press it against styrofoam head.

Mold it

Let dry, then pick your make up of choice and have at it!  

Once done, you can use freaky fabric and drape the head, use any odds and ends you may have, such as old hats, scarves etc. With the mannequin heads, paint them with acrylic paint. Elaine has also used face make up as well, but says paint shows up much better. Do the same thing to these mannequin heads as the styrofoam.

Besides hanging in the yard, they make a fun centerpiece, and outdoor decor, get creative! Follow Elaine on IG at instagram.com/elainekrasne