What You’ll Need: 
-Gift boxes (two 4″ X 4 ” and the smaller box was 3.5″ X 3.5″)
–Three pieces of fabric
-Fabric scissors
-Valentine’s candy, toys, small gift(s), or a card.

The more candy, the better! We used Sweet Tart Hearts, Cookies & Cream Candies, Cinnamon Bears, and Peanut Butter M&Ms.

-Cut the fabric to wrap the gift box in the dimensions of 12″ X 21″
-Fold the fabric lengthwise.
-On the two sides, measure 2.5″ up from the fold. Make sure to mark it with a pen.
-Find the middle part of the fold. Take a ruler and measure 21″ up from the fold. Mark the spot.
-Connect the dots and then cut it out.
-Fill your little gift boxes full of love. Ex: candy and a simple Valentine’s Day card, candy and a handmade necklace, candy, temporary tattoos, and a ball paddle.
-The next step is to wrap the gift boxes. Make sure to put the lids over the boxes! Place the gift box in the middle of the fabric wrong side up.
-Fold over one side. To make sure the fabric is secure, tape it down to the box.
-Fold over the other side and tape it down.
-Take both sides and pinch the ends.
-Fold over both sides where they meet in the middle and tie the ends together. Make a double knot to secure it better.