DIY egg geodes

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Running out of kid ideas during the pandemic? Surae tried egg geodes with her kids and taught Brian how to do them on GTU. For rock lovers this would be just the activity they might need at home.

Geodes are rock structures that are often lined with crystals. Here’s how to make your own crystals.

All you need is an egg shell, water and alum. Crack the egg carefully in two halves and clean the egg shell. In a small bowl add a few tablespoon of water and slowly pour in the alum. Mix in alum and dissolve. Keep adding alum until it stops dissolving. Put one or two drops of food coloring of your choice then pour in the liquid into the egg shells. Use the egg carton to hold the shells in place.

Kids will have to be patient. It takes a couple of days for the crystals to form!

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