DIY quilted gifts for friends and family!

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We are planning ahead for Christmas gift ideas on today’s show with the help of AB Quilting Studio! Owner, Allison Black joins us to show all the different ways you can gift a quilt to your friends, family members, and neighbors. She’s a very talented quilter who’s been practicing for the past nine years but these are fairly simple techniques so anyone can give it a try.

Black says it’s not too late to make a DIY quilted gift so this is your time to learn. One of her first recommendations is to start collecting t-shirts from your children as they grow up and turn them into a t-shirt quilt. She did this with her daughter from the time she was in preschool all the way until college. Black said she’s now 30 and just told her so it made for a great surprise. This also shows the history of their life and is a perfect treasure to hold onto.

A few of the other gift ideas are panel quilts which she said are pre-printed so they’re super easy to make, mug rugs, and pillows. With the pillows, she’ll create removable covers so people don’t have to keep a lot of actual pillows. Black said she’ll make all the covers the same size so they’re able to switch out depending on the holiday. She also showcased a gorgeous table runner which is her favorite to make. She said this one takes a little bit of quilting knowledge to make the pinwheel but the rest is simple.

For more quilt ideas and tutorials, be sure to visit her website and Instagram. She’s also offering a GTU special where you can receive 10% off first-time orders on quilting services!

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