A fairytale wedding is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot. Feeling like a princess on your wedding day is something we all want. It’s a day every little girl dream about. For Shannon Beecher, this dream became a reality. Beecher was wed at the happiest place on earth on one of the most magical days of the year, Halloween Day 2021. To add even more to the spooky vibes, Beecher was wed at the Tower of Terror at Walt Disney World. Beecher has been a Disney fanatic since day one and immediately after getting engaged, she looked at the Disney World website to take a look at what was available. Her spouse was onboard as he is also a fan of Disney.

The price can vary depending on what location in the park, but the starting price is $10,000. There is also an option to have your wedding outside the park for $7,500. Beecher estimates that she spent $40,000 on her wedding as the minimum for The Tower of Terror wedding venue is $25,000. Beecher showed the most stunning and elegant pictures from her special day which shows that you get what you pay for. Cast members and Disney characters come out to greet the bride and groom before the wedding. Beecher cherishes her special day and said the best part was marrying her best friend.