SALT LAKE CITY, Utah- (Good Things Utah) Saturday, Nov. 19 is International Men’s Day. There is no better way to commemorate than to dish with some of Utah’s most prominent and talented dudes. Radio Personality Frankie Corrigan from 97.1 ZHT, Shawn Vierra and Josh Downs, both from the Love Hard Foundation, chatted with GTU hosts Nicea DeGering and Surae Chinn for a guy’s perspective.

The three men are all happily married or in a long-term relationship. The dude all agreed that it is important to not hold the past against their partners and also to never put their ladies second. Corrigan said it was a priority to have date night with him and his wife, Tammy, regularly, either just the two of them or a double date with another couple. The Corrigans attempt to have a date night every week.

When it came to having children before age 40, the dudes shared their perspective. Corrigan and his wife tried but their miracle son did not arrive until they were in their mid 40’s. Downs had his children earlier in life but felt that he could understand the point of view. Vierra also shared his perspective. “I think you should wait as long as you can,” said Vierra. “It’s different for everyone.” The three men said in jest that their should be a test to parenthood similar to how driver’s need to take a driving test.

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