SALT LAKE CITY, Utah- (Good Things Utah) Two of Utah’s most eligible bachelors, local pilot John Nelson and Anthony Thaxton, and owner of mobile golf simulator Dryxebox Utah, came to dish with us to share their thoughts on how they show interest in the ladies.

When a guy shows he’s interested, he plays eye tag. “It’s the easiest way to start off if you don’t know the person to flirt with them,” said Nelson. “You hold it for a sec.” Thaxton says you need to move in closer if you’re interested.

The dudes debunked the rumor that guys become self-conscious about their appearance when they start liking a woman. They both agreed when they are interested in a girl, they want her to give her their undivided attention and in group settings want to make her feel included. When asked if they speak differently when a love interest is around, the two responded “I can see that.”

When a guy starts crushing, he starts messaging more. Sometimes messaging on social media is necessary but nothing beats meeting in person. “Ideally, I’d love to meet the girl in person and then get her number and then text from there,” said Thaxton. “If I can.”

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