While GTU is watched by people of all genders, sometimes the fellas get a little neglected. Fortunately, our newest segment ‘Dishing with the Dudes’ has got a male centric perspective for our men and masc viewers. Local radio host Jon Watkins and TikToker Scott Henry came to the GTU set to dish with the GTU hosts.

The dude started the segment talking about hidden and secretive Amazon packages. Both men are married and say that the ladies ordering packages have nothing to hide and that they were in fact the ones hiding packages from their wives! “This is is awkward because my wife just found my stash,” said Watkins. “I get it taken to work that way there’s no confrontation!” Henry said he is usually the one hiding packages and there is no need for his wife to feel remorse or justify her spending. “It’s not even a battle to be had. My wife works full time and if she wants to order a thousand things, so be it.” said Henry. The men have been married collectively 21 years with Henry married 5 years and Watkins married 16 to his spouse.

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