Discover the facts about your body to have better body image

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On today’s Mindful Monday segment, we sat down with life coach, Taylor Ann Macey, and got real about body image. With the new year right around the corner, many individuals are making physical goals. Taylor explains the importance of having a healthy body image, especially at this time of year. 

 Body image is defined as “the mental image of one’s body”. Taylor explains that this is an opinion we have about our body and sometimes opinions are not facts. Opinions can change and Taylor wants to empower viewers to change their opinions about their bodies. 

When asked where to start in making these changes, Taylor says it is important to differentiate your body from your thoughts about your body. When you can view the facts about your body, you start to realize that nothing is actually wrong with your body. To cultivate the body image you want, you have to start by being in your body, describing it factually versus having an opinion about it.

Taylor shares more tips on her podcast Brain Diet Podcast. It can be found on all platforms and be sure to give her a follow on Instagram @taylorannmacey

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