“Dino Don” Lessem zoomed into the studio today and told us all about his experience being Steven Spielberg’s dinosaur consultant on the Jurassic World movies. 

He said that the Jurassic World and Park movies were revolutionary in the way that they realistically portrayed dinosaurs on filmed television. Lessem said that while the dinosaurs moved and looked realistic, the dinosaurs of the past weren’t as interesting as they are in the movies. Dinosaurs mostly just walked around and lived mundane lives, so the behavior aspect of the dinosaurs had to change to dramatize the movie series.  

Lessem was later given all the dinosaur set pieces to educate kids about what dinosaurs were really like in the past, and after doing this he said that millions of dollars were raised in Utah for dinosaur research. His company, Dino Don Inc., builds, sells, and rents these life-size and realistic dinosaur robots to museums and exhibitions all over the world.  

He said that viewers can find 27 of these realistic life-sized robotic models of dinosaurs in Thanksgiving Point where he will also be in attendance to talk to attendees all about dinosaurs.  

Viewers can find and buy tickets to the dinosaur exhibit and talk by Lessem at https://thanksgivingpoint.org/events/meet-dino-don/