Did you know one in seven people in the U.S. have chronic kidney disease?

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Did you know that one in seven people in the U.S. have chronic kidney disease, and about 3,700 people in Utah are on dialysis.

Nephrology Associates of Utah is a team of kidney care specialists dedicated to improving quality of life for patients with chronic kidney through ongoing kidney research, clinical methodology and patient service alike.

Chronic kidney disease is when your kidneys can’t filter waste and toxins as well as they should. It’s a gradual process that can eventually lead to kidney failure — and unfortunately, once it begins, it’s irreversible. When a patient has experienced kidney failure, the options they have for their best possible quality of life are either dialysis or a transplant. And, while patients at Nephrology Associates of Utah undergo transplants prior to needing dialysis at rates much higher than the national average — the best option available is still sometimes dialysis.

People today have more options than they used to. If a patient experiences kidney failure, Nephrology Associates of Utah support them with educational classes so they can understand all of their options. If dialysis is needed, we help patients choose what is best for them and their family. They offer all types of dialysis including home options.

At-home dialysis allows more flexibility and comfort for your treatments, and helps the patient save time and travel costs. It also requires fewer food restrictions, less medication and, often provides better results. Many of our patients use this option so they can maintain their social, school and work schedules.

In the unfortunate event that hospitalization is needed, Nephrology Associates of Utah doctors cover most community hospitals in the Salt Lake Valley. They work closely with hospital doctors and other specialists to provide the best care to our patients while hospitalized. They also work closely with patients after a hospitalization to minimize the need for a return visit.

They approach chronic kidney disease from the perspective of the patient and work to provide the best options and services.

For more information visit Nephrologyassociatesofutah.com.

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