Destigmatizing mental health among people of color

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Aarati Ghimire, LCSW, Owner of Samsara Counseling LLC. came by to have a mindful discussion about destigmatizing mental health among people of color.

Mental Health Facts on BIPOC

– Marginalized folks face elevated levels of stress compared to white counterparts. 

– Less likely to have access to mental health.

– Most mental health issues get under-reported.

– Minorities are less likely to seek counseling services. 

– More likely to end services early

– COVID and political unrest have made it worse for BIPOC folks.

Barriers to Accessing Mental Health Services for BIPOC

– Racism and Discrimination

– Mistrust within the system

– Exposed to higher risk factors contributing to mental health issues.

– Stigma Within the culture/ community

– Viewing mental health as a personal failure.

– You’re “crazy”

– Microaggressions within the community 

– White People Disease 

– Limited access to care

– Can’t find someone that looks like them

– Can’t find someone who can speak their language

– Don’t know how to navigate the mental health care system.

– Lack of insurance 

Main message:

– Mental health Education among folks of color

-Training providers to be more culturally aware and sensitive

-Working through our own biases as clinicians

-Creating more programs addressing mental health issues among BIPOC.

-Making services more accessible such as translators

-Working with community leaders to spread awareness.

-Social justice awareness and advocacy to bridge the gap of mistrust.

-Systemic change

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