Derrill Vest is being recognized as this month’s Community Advocate.

Derrill was born and raised in American Fork and attended Northwestern University where he proudly represented Utah and its standards.  He was a member of the Football team, playing Offensive Tackle.  He was awarded numerous conditioning awards and soon took a break to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Detroit, Michigan.  He returned to finish his degree in Communication Studies and complete his Football career at Northwestern. 

In keeping with his career path, he was given the chance to play professional football.  Though he had been groomed for this career path, he felt he was to return to Utah for something more.  What that was, he had no idea.  But, in keeping with his belief in prayer and faith in a higher power, he did as he was guided to do so, with no regrets.

After a time Derrill eventually found work at a Youth Group Home.   He spent 4 years working with traumatized teens and their families.  He was trained as an Advocate, in Services, Educational Programs, Substance Abuse Treatment, Vocational Training, Independent Living Skills, After Care & Emancipation. These four years were preparatory to him seeking out and being hired at the 4th District Juvenile Court. 

Derrill just celebrated his 25th year serving the community as a Probation Officer.  To go day after day, for 25 years and absorb all the details of sometimes heinous acts upon children, and then appear unaffected by the day takes an incredibly well centered person. Derrill worked in State Supervision, Drug Court, Diversion Unit, as a Supervisor and currently, as a Senior Probation Officer. He has had such a positive impact on so many and most importantly he’s been a living example of a productive member of society.  Derrill and those who work in the Juvenile Court system deserve a standing ovation from us all. 

Now retired, Derrill still serves in the nursery at his local church and has been doing so for the past 6 years. Nowadays, Derrill has adopted the role of a big and jolly Santa Claus. Seriously, the 6’7″, 350lb man has “the look” all year round, and he’s always prepared for some “ho, ho, ho-ing.”  He adores Disneyland, making several trips a year with his wife Claudia, but walking around the park they rarely get too far without people spotting him. The only Jolly Red Giant always takes the time to make a magical moment come true for anyone who will believe!

For everything Derrill has done in his life and continues to do, the community says thank you!

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