Demand for Disneyland tickets is at an all time high and how to get your kids to do chores

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  • On Good Things Utah this morning – Disneyland is seeing an overwhelming demand for tickets. The park is reopening soon (April 30th) after being shuttered for more than a year due to the pandemic, and people are clamoring to get in the doors. It will first open to California residents only, but the good news is ticket prices will remain the same as last year.
  • Plus, peanut butter can help you lose weight if you eat it the right way. In fact, adding peanut butter to your diet may help you keep weight gain at bay, according to an October 2018 study in the ​European Journal of Nutrition​. Researchers looked at nearly 375,000 people and found that adults who regularly ate peanuts (or other nuts) gained less weight over a five-year period compared to their non-nut-eating counterparts – and some of the nut-eaters even lost weight. It’s similar for children. Kids who eat peanuts and peanut butter weigh less and have more nutritious diets, per a July 2013 study in ​Nutrition Research​. Here’s the catch, though: This food can quickly fall out of favor and your scale may start to tick up instead of down. If weight loss is your goal, be mindful of these four peanut butter mistakes. Reagan shares what to watch out for.
  • And finally the hottest sports bras of the season have pockets! Yep, ladies love and pocket and these are meant to hold your cell phone, keys and whatever else you can fit inside. We have the styles that are best sellers currently on Amazon.
  • In today’s Parenting Moment, Nicea shares how to get your kids to do more chores. Child development expert Dr. Deborah Gilboa, who had a specific message for parents of special needs kids: Don’t give your child a chore that you’re going to come along and redo after them. “What you’re teaching them is they’re not valuable,” Gilboa said. “Give them a different chore, or a crucial part of the chore. If they can’t sweep up the broken glass, then you say, ‘OK, you hold the dustpan.'” If you’d like to read the entire article click here:
  • And we leave you with this: should you be wearing underwear to bed? Everyone has their own passionate opinion on this Hot Topic, but Surae tells us what doctors recommend this morning. You have to tune in for this one! See you for GTU this morning at 10 am.
Nicea DeGering
Nicea loves morning television in Utah! A self-proclaimed “night person,“ she has been getting up and hopping onto the Good Things Utah set for over a decade now.

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