Today Ron Hausman and Lisa Henrie came in to tell us about the 90th anniversary spaghetti dinner. A core of 20 Volunteer Board Dinner Planning Members produces this event each year from cleaning, sauce preparations, procuring equipment and facilitating the event. A five-member marketing and public relations team is charged with “getting the word out.”  Many others within and outside of the Parish volunteer as well.  We are grateful for their participation in this annual fundraiser dinner. Volunteer hostesses seat the diners on the day of the dinner from 1PM-7PM long tables decorated with the red, white and green of Italian flags in the church hall. Children 10 and up old serve as wait staff. Busboys and girls are assigned to each row of six tables.  For the all-you-can-eat Dine In dinner, volunteers carry huge trays with plates of meatballs and spaghetti and give them to the hostesses, who serve the piping hot dinners to hungry visitors. Others make certain there is enough silverware, rolls, salads, and beverages maintained throughout the day. This event is accessible to ALL, and ALL are welcome. We are FAMILY.               

For Senior Citizens 65+ & Veterans Dinner is $12 all other info relating to this event is on their website. 


Facebook: Our Lady of Lourdes Annual Spaghetti Dinner