We are celebrating National Cotton Candy Day in the studio today with Floss Cotton Candy! Owners, Katie and Libby Sterling are here with Nicea talking about how they got started. Floss Cotton Candy is a family-owned business run by Katie Sterling and her two daughters Libby and Maci.

Their company started in 2019 after Libby decided she wanted to earn some money. Katie let her take her cotton candy machine to the side of the road to sell some cotton candy which they said was a huge success. Katie thought this could be a great time to teach her daughters about entrepreneurship which is why they started Floss Cotton Candy.

They have an online shop and it’s currently sold in over 30 grocery stores in Utah. It’s delicious and they offer a wide variety of flavors so you’ll never get bored of it. They even sell cotton candy cakes as well which are great options for birthdays or celebrations.

This cotton candy will melt in your mouth and the packaging makes it perfect for gifts, party favors, or Christmas stockings. Be sure to order yours online today to receive 20% off by using code “GTU20” and follow them on Instagram for more information!