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Deena Marie had a bit of an accident while prepping her enchiladas for her cooking segment yesterday! Find out what happened and how she fixed her finger.

Then, do you share a toothbrush? 88% of you said absolutely no! Turns out, the bacteria from someone else’s tooth brush won’t stick to your mouth because the bacteria’s from one mouth to another can’t coincide. So you can’t technically get sick, but it’s probably still gross. But hey, we’re not here to judge.

What age did you let your kids stay home alone? Turns out certain states have laws stating what age is allowed. Who knew! Utah doesn’t have a set legal age of when is ok, that one’s up to you. Also, how strict are you with your kids? When is being too lenient and when is too strict? Some think being too strict will cause kids to rebel, but being too lenient will inherently cause them to grow up to be entitled adult. So, where’s the line?

Table talk ended with the debate on inducing labor foods. Is there truth to the old wives tales? We’ve all heard it. Spicy foods, papaya, eggplant, it all “helps” to bring the baby. Research says that there’s no evidence to support these claims. We should do research about heartburn leading to a hairy baby… because never heard that one before…

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