Today on GTU Hour 2, Deena takes on 3 TikTok hair hacks on Surae’s hair. The goal is to create volume which is not hard to do with Surae’s thick, beautiful hair.

First, Deena split the hair in half and put it in a low pony that will be pulled aside while she works on the bottom half. The next section of hair will be put in a small pull-through bun that will act as the ponytail covering the first ponytail.

The bun doodley is done using a scrunchy. Deena put Surae’s hair all the way up in a high ponytail. She then spread all the hair out to create a bun with a ponytail. Use the extra hair to wrap around the bun for a voluminous bun.

Find the hairstyle fails on Instagram @deena_marie and @suraechinn