Andrea Wilde, life and business coach and business owner of live big little girl, comes back to share date ideas to build your relationships.  


1. Stargazing – this is a perfect way to have a private, intimate date with your special someone. Right now, is the best time to go before the summer nights end. Also, September – November in the early evening is the best time to view the milky way. Bring a blanket, your favorite treat, and a portable speaker to make this night extra special. 

2. Park Relay Races – a good way to get to know other couples is to do group dates and there is no better way to do this than scheduling with other couples and using a playground for a relay race. Again, utilize the good weather that we have and have an active date night. 

3. Plan a Fall Girls Night – it is important to build your friend relationships as well and if you love fall smelling candles you will love this idea. Have each guest bring their own container to put their candle in and you provide the rest. If you want to make more friends, have your besties each bring a friend then you have a new group to make a useful craft night together. If you go to her Instagram there are links for all supplies for homemade candles. 

One exciting thing about her business is they are having their first LIVE BIG Travel Experience. They announced it last Saturday and it booked out in 11 hours! They are doing Disneyland, a boujie picnic, and training to create lasting friendships, all while on a fun girl’s trip! If you are interested in participating visit her website. 

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