Shane and Andrea Wilde joined us in the studio today to talk about various fun date ideas for everyone on today’s dating segment. 

Wildes said that there are multiple ways to have fun on several types of dates including one-on-one time, with your kids, girls’ night out, and group dates. They said that no matter what type of date you go on, going on a date regularly with your spouse is an important habit to create.  

If you have kids, they recommend setting aside time at least once a month to spend one-on-one time with the kids. The Wildes said that they take their 3-year-old daughter on a date every first Wednesday of the month to make sure that she is getting the important and valuable attention she needs.  

For those that do not have a significant other or kids, it is important to set aside time to strengthen and build other relationships. Examples that the Wildes provided include planning a fun night out or a theme night at home with your girlfriends.  

Group dates are also a great option to strengthen your relationship with your significant other and other people that you would like to get to know better. Going out with other couples for dinner is a fantastic way to do this.  
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