Dance Through Your Storms

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Too often we worry about experiencing big storms in our lives. We’re tempted to just hide away and wait for them to pass.
It is easy to shy away from these trials and hard times, wishing our lives were easier.

But, as Vivian Greene said, “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass… it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

At 3 Key Elements, they train and mentor others to find solutions to the problems they face.
Success is learning how to maintain a healthy state of mind in tough situations to find the idea that will get you through it.

Technique to keep you moving forward and not getting stopped by the unexpected storms of life:
– Stuck or Stopped comes from a feeling of not being able to move forward.
– The key is to keep your body & mind in rhythm, avoid the stuck feeling or you could get stuck in your progress.
– Use music to keep your state of mind and body moving.
– Move to the music by yourself – Fun and crazy
– Move to the music with your spouse. – Slow dance

If you don’t know what to next to move forward in life….it’s time to dance.
The powerful part of this technique is that you will find new ideas and new thoughts come to you how to solve your problem when you are playful.

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