Dads welcome triplets and go TikTok viral!

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Brand-new dads Jake and Sean Taylor-Baumann were shocked when they found out their surrogate was carrying three babies! We had the best day ever when we got to meet triplets (two girls and one boy) Wren, Willow, and Winston!

The new dads are naturals. They tell us they are so grateful to finally have their family here. It has been a long journey, and one they didn’t think was possible for a long time. When they first started dating nine years ago, same sex marriage wasn’t even legal. Jake and Sean say they are so lucky to be born at a time when this is possible.

The two are thrilled to be validating so many non-traditional families (single moms, single dads, grandparents, gay parents, etc). They want to share their story to promote diversity and give hope to those LGBT individuals who have a goal to have children someday. They both grew up very religious, and family has always been important.

They didn’t always think it was possible, but it was a goal for a long time. When it came time to look at options, they researched various forms of family building such as adoption, fostering, and surrogacy. They started at the Utah Fertility Center. Miscarrying their first go-around, they’re so grateful for the community that supported them. They ended up having to switch surrogates, implanted two embryos, and one split!

The birth was the most amazing experience. A lot of it was over FaceTime because of COVID restrictions. The two both ended up being able to be in the NICU, watching through a window. Their surrogate had her husband by her side for the planned c-section. They babies were born just past midnight on January 23rd.

Sean and Jake thought 12321 was really cute, and serendipitous. They learned so much in the NICU and it helped them to get advice from the nurses and doctors. It also helped that they got them on a schedule!

When they began posting on TikTok, They didn’t expect to go viral, but their birth story now has nearly 21 million views! While there are always negative comments, they choose to focus on the tons and tons of support we they have received.

Follow them on social media, and be sure and check out the second clip below where we get to meet the three sweet babes!

Link to Triplet Announcement Video
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