Men’s Health – Dad Injuries
June is Men’s Health Month is to heighten the public’s awareness of the many preventable health problems that affect men and boys.
There are more than 70 million fathers across the nation.
The average father suffers 22 injuries a year caused by ‘rough and tumble’ while playing with the children.
More than 40 percent of men between ages 18 and 50 don’t have a primary care physician.

What are common dad injuries?
Accidental kicks to the face, back, shin or groin.
Walking, tripping or stepping on toys is one of the most dangerous aspects of being a parent.
Ankle sprain, pulled hamstring, shoulder or knee injury.
Stumbling on an item of clothing or other belongings.
Head-butted or poked in the eye.
Doing things where they should’ve known better than to attempt at their age.

How to prevent dad injuries?
Pay attention to what you are doing.
Look down while walking to make sure you are walking or stepping on things (toys, clothes, kids).
Be honest with yourself in attempting an activity, maybe you aren’t in the shape you would like to be to performing the activity.
Communicate with your children on the activity you are doing.
Be a good parent and give kids your undivided attention.
Schedule a check-up.

Dad Health Tips
Maintain a healthy heart with diet, exercise and sleep.
Schedule a check-up.

Men’s Health Clinic
We have a Men’s Health Center at the South Jordan Health Center that provides comprehensive care and allows a patient to see multiple specialties at one location.

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